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Tree Pruning

Scinto Tree Care, LLC is a leader in the care and preservation of you trees, shrubs and plantings.  Our trained and well-experienced horticulturists and arborists assess your trees condition, health, structure and positioning, and review your desired results to begin to develop a tree pruning and trimming plan. We, along with you, the owner, consider the placement of the tree on the property, the effects of prevalent winds, storm potentials, sunlight, surrounding tree covers, encroaching buildings and structures, and potentially dangerous limb or root conditions.

Once a plan is developed, Scinto Tree Care technicians get into the tree without causing damage to live plants and branches, and cut back, trim or remove those sections which are restricting smooth sunlight diffusion and air flow. in addition, those starter branches which are growing in an unhealthy manner or direction, impeding other, healthier branches, are trimmed or removed.

Of course, all cut material from every Scinto Tree Care pruning job is removed from the property, and your trees and shrubs are  left looking well-kept, happy and healthy for you to enjoy .

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Pruning, Trimming, Cabling, Spraying, Fertilizing, Cutting

Tree Removal, while an important and necessary aspect of quality tree care, is by far not the most important task to perform on your trees.

By aggressive yet prudent tree trimming and pruning, SCINTO TREE CARE can allow you to enjoy beautiful tree growth and development for year to come. Truly, your trees are an important asset, right alongside your home or business. How visitors view your property as they drive up tell them immediately that "this owner cares for the health and beauty of the plantings and trees."

Because trees, in particular, have a unique ability to provide both shade from a hot summer sun, and add architectural dimension to your property, the care of your trees should be an important factor in your normal home maintenance.

Scinto Tree Care, LLC stands ready to go to great heights to help preserve, protect and beautify your trees and property.

Proper pruning will remove dead wood, greatly eliminate branches falling on drives and walkways, promote healthy growth, allow sunlight to stream through , and provide for better oxygenation of the tree plant.

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