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Expert Tree Removals and Trimming



Get your trees removed by professionals!  At Scinto, our tree technicians have over 30 years experience taking down hazardous  trees and dangerous limbs and branches. Depending on the species of tree, many large branches can weigh in excess of two thousand pounds!

Having your tree work done by unqualified people, today trying to take down a tree, tomorrow trying to paint someone's house; leaves you exposed to significant risk of damages to your home, auto and property, liability for damages to a neighbors property, and exposure for injuries sustained by unqualified workers. Call SCINTO and be sure!  call 203-836-8736

How to have a tree removed

Taking down a tree on your property is an important decision. Trees offer shade, beauty, structure, peace and quiet to your property; they also provide a needed home to pleasant birds. However, poorly maintained trees, or trees damaged by snow, wind, rain and storms, create significant hazards for your home and your family.  Once struck by lightening, or once split during a heavy snowfall, the tree is weakened significantly, and can "let loose" at the slightest provocation ( high winds, heavy rains, great snowfall).  

     Trees are extremely heavy, and can easily weigh 1,000 pounds in only a five or six foot length. Their falling branches aim for the ground like a spear. Removing a tree is a large decision that should not be taken lightly.  Dead or dying trees should be removed for health, safety and aesthetic purposes.  However, in certain instances live trees also should be removed when they interfere with other trees, buildings, driveways and utility wires.  But think twice, as it takes years and often decades to replace a tree once removed.

      Removing a tree can affect more than just your property.  If a tree is on or near a property line, removals can lead to disputes and/or legal action.  The best strategy is communication with all parties involved. Generally, property owners do not have the right to remove trees on the public rights of way; they also must ensure great caution is used when power lines, cable lines, or telephone equipment is involved. Improperly removing trees around such equipment can result in hefty expenses to have utility companies respond. 

The Scinto Tree Care professionals will remove large trees using the appropriate combination of bucket/ boom trucks, cranes, ropes, rigging, blocks and tackle, and saws. All our employees are thoroughly trained in the proper and safe use of this important equipment. To ensure your safety, and the safety and beauty of your yard and home, let the Scinto Tree Care professionals take down and remove your unwanted  and unneeded trees. 

Generally, we will follow these steps to take care of you tree removals

We will check the surrounding area for obstacles that may be in the way; another tree, a fence, overhead wires, rock walls, ledges, clothes lines, dog runs, poison ivies, the pride and joy perennial garden, cars, etc.

Our professionals assess the natural tendencies of the tree; its inherent desire to fall in a certain direction or along a specific path; it's likelihood to follow the nature of its own wood structure when coming down. This step is not only important in determining the strategy to be employed in the tree removal; but also the pre-designed safety and escape routes the workers will have while the tree is coming down.

 This review also looks to the tree for safety hazards inherent in itself: dead and hanging branches, rotted wood not broken away; open wounds leading to hollow areas and rotted innards. Trees with rotten interiors respond quite differently to felling efforts than do trees which are solid-- many tree workers have been injured and killed by not properly assessing the tree's health and structure.

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Emergency Tree Removal

Scinto's Tree Care experts will professionally and safely remove all trees and limbs which have fallen, whether due to storm, age and rot, or high winds.

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Trimming dead branches and overhanging limbs

Scinto Tree Care will get rid of all those dangerous and unsightly branches overhanging your driveway, patio, deck, garage, and house!

reducing branches to a truckload of chips

many people would like to keep clean, diseased free chips for their planting areas-- just ask us!

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 SCINTO TREE CARE, LLC provides expert  Tree Removal in Fairfield County, Conn. Capitalizing on its over thirty years of safe, professional work,  SCINTO TREE CARE is  the county‚Äôs Tree Cutting Experts.
Scinto Tree Care, LLC  after a thorough review of your trees and property, will professionally  cut, prune and trim trees in Trumbull, Norwalk, Darien and throughout the county. Using its fine-honed techniques of cabling, feeding  and, stump grinding in Fairfield County towns and cities,  Scinto brings a peace and beauty to your yards. Whether you need your trees cut for firewood in New Canaan, trees trimmed in Westport, or full tree cut and  removed  in Fairfield, contact the experts at SCINTO  for all you tree care needs. Right now, near the end of the winter season, we are offering a special discount to keep our crews busy. Please call us at : 203-836-8736

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SCINTO offers expert Bucket Service.

ix huge trees removed to improve the beauty and usability  of this yard

Scinto Tree Care crew at work removing another hazardous tree!
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ix huge trees removed to improve the beauty and usability  of this yard

Another successful tree take down-- A gentleman in Westport needed a tree alongside his driveway removed-- kept dropping branches, debris, and pollen onto his cars! Now his driveway is clear, property beautified, the cars look nice, Too! 

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Scinto helps keep your trees and yards beautiful

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SCINTO TREE CARE'S experienced tree technicians have over 25 years experience! we practice only safe work techniques, and perform precision cutting and trimming of your trees.

Scinto offers many services for the care of your trees

SCINTO TREE provides 

Complete Tree Services, from trimming and pruning to complete take down and removal.

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Scinto technicians assess your tree damage, and execute flawless removal

Emergency Service Our Specialty

We are experts with dangerous trees and branches;we protect your property and your family.

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